As a part of  missionary project, my wife and I went to India to teach the Bible at OHAG theological seminary in India for a semester. It was so honorable experience to teach about 20 Dalit (Untouchable People in Indian Caste System) pastors who were serving 5 ~ 15 churches each. We taught them the knowledge of the Bible to them and we learned from each of them their love for God and passion for the church, the body of Christ.

        Then, I went to Garrett-Evengelical Theological Seminary and did internship at the Chicago Temple. It was the season for me to learn more about our beliefs, values, and history of the United Methodist Church, and I'm so proud of being a pastor of the United Methodist Church.

I love Waterman!

It is a beautiful and peaceful town.

I love to be actively involved in many activities of the town and to serve the town. So I'm so proud of my congregation that love to gather and worship God, love one another, and love to serve our neighbors not only in Waterman, IL., but also the surrounding areas and the world.

If you have any question or comment, feel free to contact me.

Prayer Request? or Comment?

        Hi, my name is Paul Lee.

        I'm an elder of Northern Illinois Conference of United Methodist Church. I'm the pastor of this beautiful church, Waterman United Methodist Church, which is a vibrant and passionate people of God. I've been honored and privileged to serve this community since 2013.  

        Diverse experiences of  the past have shaped my faith journey. I was born and raised and did my first seminary in South Korea and served 3 churches as a youth pastor and an associate pastor. I married to my wife, Rosa Lee on Fool Day of 2006 and we went to mission fields in South Africa and Zimbabwe. One year later, I came back to South Korea and worked at an institute for two years and moved into Big Island, HI for another missionary experience in 2009. There I become a Methodist (Kona United Methodist Church) and God unfolded a new chapter of my life with a lifelong calling.